Using Cuisenaire rods across the school

In the first year of implementing Effective Maths we suggest that schools focus on developing teacher subject knowledge and securing consistent classroom practice in the following maths topics:

  • place value;

  • addition;

  • subtraction;

  • multiplication;

  • division;

  • fractions;

  • money and decimals.


Alongside this, key instructional routines need to be embedded to ensure highly effective whole class teaching. These include:

  • basic classroom transitions;

  • managing whole class choral response;

  • managing effective partner work;

  • ‘tell yourself’;

  • ‘my turn, your turn’.


Finally, teachers need a secure understanding of the vision behind mastery teaching and the elements that constitute effective maths teaching. These include:

  • variation;

  • depth;

  • conceptual understanding;

  • procedural fluency;

  • making connections.


To achieve all this, schools need the following:

  • focused CPD sessions to develop teacher knowledge of maths topics, effective maths teaching and the vision behind mastery;

  • CPD on instructional routines;

  • a programme of regular classroom visits and book scrutiny sessions from a knowledgeable person to ensure effective implementation of the above.

The best model for ensuring the effective implementation of Effective Maths is:

  • 1 × INSET day

  • at least 6 × development days (in the first year)

Support beyond the first year of implementing Effective Maths would be linked to circumstances in the individual school, but we would suggest all schools have at least one development day per term.

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