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NEW! Planning for place value block 1

Effective Maths is producing a range of new planning to support Block 1 (Autumn Term) work on place value. Place value is taught three times across the year, once per term, with an emphasis on broadening the range of number.

This Year 1 lesson is largely about rote counting in 2s going backwards. The children start off counting in 2s to and from 12 using a number line as a resource. They then count to and from 22, using a number grid. Finally they count in 2s to and from 30 using a different number grid.

The lesson moves on with more counting backwards in 2s, using pictorial and concrete representations to support understanding.

The ‘Amaze Me’ task towards the end of the lesson seeks provides depth and challenge by encouraging children to identify a wide range of patterns that occur in the number sequences they have previously practised.

The lesson includes partner practice, ‘Tell Yourself’ work, ‘True or False’ work and some extended partner practice. The teacher devises the independent work.

The lesson deliberately mirrors the counting forwards in 2s lesson.

Teachers should use counting sticks and number grids as well as the PowerPoint slides.

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