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What’s next on Effective Maths?

The next lessons that will be published are a series of lessons about money. There will be 12 lessons in total, 2 each for Y1-Y6. These lessons will all be online by 9 July 2016 – some are already there!

The new lessons, accessed via the money and decimals link in the Members Only section, are named as follows:

  1. Y1 6 B2 Revision of coin recognition

  2. Y1 7 B2 Revision of value of coins

  3. Y2 5 Addition and subtraction of coins - multiples of 10

  4. Y2 6 Problem solving

  5. Y3 4 Mental calculation with pence

  6. Y3 5 Problem solving

  7. Y4 MONEY 1 Writing amounts of money in £

  8. Y4 MONEY 2 Mental calculation with pence

  9. Y5 MONEY 1 Calculating amounts of money

  10. Y5 MONEY 2 Problem solving

  11. Y6 MONEY 1 Problem solving

  12. Y6 MONEY 2 Problem solving

NB For Y4-6 these are the first lessons we have written on money – previously the focus was decimals.

We’ll update this page when all are there.

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