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12 new lessons about money

12 new lessons about money have been added to the site. Access them via the 'money and decimals' link from the Members Only page.

There are two lessons per year group - all are intended to be taught in Block 2.

Y1 6 B2 Revision of coin recognition

Y1 7 B2 Revision of value of coins

Y2 5 Addition and subtraction of coins - multiples of 10

Y2 6 Problem solving

Y3 4 Mental calculation with pence

Y3 5 Problem solving

Y4 MONEY 1 Writing amounts of money in £

Y4 MONEY 2 Mental calculation with pence

Y5 MONEY 1 Calculating amounts of money

Y5 MONEY 2 Problem solving

Y6 MONEY 1 Problem solving

Y6 MONEY 2 Problem solving

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