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Effective Maths in 2016/17

At the end of last term we wrote to maths leads and other school contacts with a suggested yearly overview, explaining that all lessons were being revised and added to for 2016/17.

The final version of the yearly overview is now online, as are all resources for place value, unit 1.

When you log in, go to the ‘Curriculum 2016/17’ tab to see the yearly overviews.

For all the new/improved place value lessons for Y1-6 follow the ‘Place value UNIT 1’ link.

When you are there – you will see a link to the detailed progression guide for place value, week 1. This maps out a suggested teaching sequence for the two weeks on place value and indicates where the 30+ lessons can be used. All lessons that existed last year have been revised – there are many brand new lessons, including rounding (Y4-6) and identifying and representing numbers (Y1-Y6).

Teachers in Y1-6 may want to make use of lessons from earlier year groups, depending on current attainment . Before starting a new strand of work in place value, eg identifying and representing numbers, consider using the lesson from an earlier year group in a plenary to assess where children are.

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