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Money and decimals, Unit 1

What’s new?

[1] Detailed progression guide updated to include money and decimal unit 1

[2] 45 new/revised lessons for money and decimals unit 1

[3] New quizzes/assessments on the quiz site to help assess money and decimal unit 1

If your school is new to Effective Maths this year you may well want to use some content from earlier year groups

Most of the lessons (70%) are brand new – every lesson has been revised – if your school used Effective Maths last year you may still want to look at content from earlier year groups

In KS2, lessons named ‘revision lessons’ look at earlier content with different numbers/in a different way – if you are going back to Y5 from Y6, for example, the revision lesson is not the same as the Y5 lesson

Revisiting/revising is very important – so think carefully about how to structure the unit, using the electronic quizzes to help you inform teaching

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