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Effective Maths Y6 arithmetic and number facts revision programme - coming soon!

On 23 February we will be adding a new section to the website for Year 6 teachers. This section will focus on arithmetic revision.

The Effective Maths arithmetic and number facts revision programme is an additional series of mini-lessons for Year 6. The programme lasts eight weeks.

In 2017 this means that schools should start the programme in the week beginning 27 Feb.

The main point of the arithmetic revision programme is to provide a structure to revision and ensure that children are not simply completing one practice paper after another covering topics they have not recently revised.

The programme is cumulative: content taught and practised in week 1 is revisited in subsequent weeks.

The use of one-to-one tutorials is highly recommended for children who have not fully mastered particular skills.

Download this presentation to find out more.

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