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Y6 - reasoning revision lesson 1 – now online!

Following the email sent to subscribers earlier in the week – the first Y6 revision lesson is now online.

The focuses for the revision lessons have been partly determined by areas identified as needing particular additional attention based on data from what I consider to be a representative sample of schools.

Reasoning revision 1 focuses on statistics, particularly sorting diagrams like Venn diagrams and Caroll diagrams.

It looks at an example, like a two-mark question some children struggled with, and also looks at different examples.

Beyond the sorting diagram element, the lesson also involves quick revision of factors and divisibility rules for 2 through to 6.

The extended plenary focuses on applying knowledge gained in a different context – line graphs.

At the start of the plenary much of the ‘surrounding information’ is missing from the line graph. Deliberately. So that children know that – when such information is present – it is important to understand what it contributes to the overall understanding of the graph.

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