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Happy New Year!

Several updates.

[1] Money and decimals (unit 1) is now online.

[2] Place value (unit 2) is now online.

[3] Year 6 arithmetic revision programme: the first three units are now online. They have been updated from previous years to provide more engaging contexts for arithmetic practice.

[4] New quizzes added to linked to money and decimals unit 1.

Use the quiz from the year/s below your year group prior to starting the unit and then use the quiz for the year group after the unit, before the end of unit test and revisit the quiz throughout the year.

Not using

Read more here.

Try one of the new money/decimals quizzes here:

(NB The quizzes are not designed to work on mobile phones – they are intended to be used in primary school classrooms. They work on tablets, including IPads.)

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