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  • To help teachers become skilled maths teachers

  • To enable teachers to enjoy teaching maths

  • To ensure every child achieves his or her potential as a result of expert teaching by well-trained and supported teachers

  • To develop a mastery approach to the teaching of maths


Effective Maths is a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics. It is a comprehensive framework for ensuring high quality maths teaching.

The programme places emphasis on high quality CPD for teachers. Through the CPD, the key features that comprise Effective Maths are developed. These are:

  • mastery

  • procedural and conceptual understanding

  • variation

  • mathematical patterns, relationships and connections

  • number facts


Slick instructional routines are essential for effective whole class teaching. These are covered in CPD and modelled in demonstration lessons. Extended partner practice is a feature of lessons.


Effective Maths provides support for assessment through marking stickers and short topic assessments focusing on key areas of maths.


Subscribers to the website get access to a range of resources developed to support the maths curriculum including marking stickers, classroom environment posters, maths subject knowledge training CPD presentations and a large number of high quality lessons - see the 'featured video' for an example.

The resources we produce can be used selectively to enhance the vast majority of maths teaching programmes.

In the first year of implementing Effective Maths we suggest that schools focus on developing teacher subject knowledge and securing consistent classroom practice in the following maths topics:

  • place value;

  • addition;

  • subtraction;

  • multiplication;

  • division;

  • fractions;

  • money and decimals.


Alongside this, key instructional routines need to be embedded to ensure highly effective whole class teaching. These include:

  • basic classroom transitions;

  • managing whole class choral response;

  • managing effective partner work;

  • ‘tell yourself’;

  • ‘my turn, your turn’.


Finally, teachers need a secure understanding of the vision behind mastery teaching and the elements that constitute effective maths teaching. These include:

  • variation;

  • depth;

  • conceptual understanding;

  • procedural fluency;

  • making connections.


To achieve all this, schools need the following:

  • focused CPD sessions to develop teacher knowledge of maths topics, effective maths teaching and the vision behind mastery;

  • CPD on instructional routines;

  • a programme of regular classroom visits and book scrutiny sessions from a knowledgeable person to ensure effective implementation of the above.

The best model for ensuring the effective implementation of Effective Maths is:

  • 1 × INSET day

  • at least 6 × development days (in the first year)

Support beyond the first year of implementing Effective Maths would be linked to circumstances in the individual school, but we would suggest all schools have at least one development day per term.

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