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Final revision materials for Y6 SATS 2022

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

The last set of revision materials to support Y6 teachers preparing children for Key Stage 2 SATS is now online.


Example slides


The resources consist of four sets of slides to use during, or just before, KS2 SATS week.

The lessons cover lots of different topics. Detailed notes are not provided – the lessons should be self-explanatory if you are following the Effective Maths teaching model.

Topics are listed below. Depending on what comes up in the tests, you may need to reorder things on Thursday.



​Arithmetic practice, word problems, place value, fractions, algebra, co-ordinates


Arithmetic practice, word problems, scale, translations, perimeter


Place value, problems, area and perimeter, algebra


Decimals, ratio, statistics, measurement, lines


Good luck!


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