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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

During the academic year 2021/22 a few key changes were made to Effective Maths. The end of unit assessments were all re-designed and the unit cover sheets updated to include a narrative about the unit. Informal feedback from schools that have had Ofsted, in relation to the latter, has been very positive.

There was also a re-designed measures unit for Year 6 and the quiz site – – has been completely transformed.




During the new academic year there will be a series of booklets containing suggested activities for greater depth. The activities will be directly linked to the content of specific lessons, making them a relevant, logical way to develop children’s understanding.

Where possible, the activities are being written so that they do not require the teacher to make another worksheet/sticker that needs to printed and stuck in. Many of the activities can be written on the board and children can undertake them in their exercise books under a suitable heading, eg ‘Greater Depth Task’.

The activities are suggested activities that will likely work well for many of the children who complete the independent task successfully. Clearly the class teacher will have specific knowledge of the needs of the children within the class and may determine different challenges are appropriate.

The ‘Suggestions for Greater Depth’ booklets will initially focus on the bridging unit, place value units and the calculation units.

Y2-6 1 BU Suggestions for greater depth
Download PDF • 1.64MB



The second slide in every lesson has always been a reminder about the overall role of each slide. To date, this reminder has been restricted to the colours of the slides – purple slides are teaching slides, blue slides are for partner 1 etc.

The second slide in each lesson now has more detailed guidance, to support the understanding of teachers who have not yet accessed training. It may well be worth maths leaders ensuring all staff revisit this information.



If your subscription is due to expire at the end of August, you will receive an email early next week asking about re-subscribing. Please do not ignore this as accounts are deleted on the expiry date and the cost of subscription to the site will no longer be at the discounted re-subscription rate.

If your school’s maths subject leader is leaving, please ensure they pass relevant information on.

Have a great summer break!


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