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Effective Maths is a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics. It is a comprehensive framework for ensuring high quality maths teaching. As such, it consists of a number of non-negotiable elements.

First and foremost is an emphasis on high quality CPD for teachers. Through the CPD, the key features that comprise Effective Maths are developed.

These are:

  • mastery

  • procedural and conceptual understanding

  • variation

  • mathematical patterns, relationships and connections


Slick instructional routines are essential for effective whole class teaching. These are covered in CPD and modelled in demonstration lessons. Extended partner practice is a feature of lessons.


Effective Maths provides support for assessment through marking stickers and short topic assessments focusing on key areas of maths.


Subscribers to the website get access to a range of resources developed to support the maths curriculum including marking stickers, classroom environment posters, maths subject knowledge training CPD ppts and a large number of high quality lessons - see the 'featured video' for an example.


We suggest a particular approach to organising the maths curriculum. You can read about this in the ‘Our Approach’ page.


The resources we produce can be used selectively to enhance the vast majority of maths teaching programmes.

Featured video of slides for an Effective Maths lesson

One of the benefits of subscribing to the site is the high-quality lesson presentations that members can access.


We strongly believe that for teachers to have any reasonable kind of work/life balance there needs to be solid support in terms of lesson planning. It is simply not sensible for every teacher in the country to be expected to create every lesson from scratch – when we are all teaching very similar things.

Our lessons take a long time to create – and they work brilliantly in the classroom. You can download some for free below. 

Use the space bar button - or a wireless presenter - to animate the presentation. Click the 'notes' tab to see relevant teaching points (if the slide is not self-explanatory).

There's one lesson for every year group. If you have any questions, do email

07971 214225
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