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Welcome to Effective Maths

Effective Maths is a comprehensive framework for ensuring high quality maths teaching. 

Subscribers to the website can access hundreds of high-quality lessons for Year 1 - Year 6. These lessons are carefully designed to enable children to understand key concepts and make connections within mathematics. Co-operative learning is integral to the programme and is a core part of every lesson.

Effective Maths was included in the DfE list of recommended resources for home learning (which came into existence during the first national lockdown).

A range of other resources support the programme including unit overviews, end of unit tests and revision materials. Additional options include the quiz site and resources to support children with additional educational needs.

Featured video of slides from an Effective Maths lesson

Securing Fluency Programme

The Effective Maths Securing Fluency Programme is designed to help teachers ensure children have the necessary declarative (factual) knowledge to enable them to solve problems and understand concepts. In addition to this, for Key Stage 2, it helps teachers to secure a core set of varied calculation methods.

The declarative knowledge included within the programme is largely number facts, but also includes factual knowledge linked to measures and geometry. 

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