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Effective Maths is a comprehensive framework for ensuring high quality maths teaching. 

Subscribers to the website can access hundreds of high-quality lessons for Year 1 - Year 6. These lessons are carefully designed to enable children to understand key concepts and make connections within mathematics. Co-operative learning is integral to the programme and is a core part of every lesson.

In addition to the main programme of lessons for Year 1 - Year 6, subscribers to the website can access additional resources for Year 2 and Year 6. There is also a transition unit for Year 1.


Through engaging with the programme of development days, schools can access additional resources including the Key Stage 2 calculation consolidation programme and the Year 4 multiplication tables check revision programme.

We also have a range of lessons available through the development day programme on using Cuisenaire® rods across the school.


A final additional element to the programme is the maths quiz site: maths quiz.net



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