Planning for Y1 - Y6 geometry is now online.

In addition to the lessons themselves, there is a new range of quizzes on to embed key learning. At least one quiz per year group links to the DfE Ready to Progress criteria for geometry; in most cases both of the quizzes link. You can try a quiz at the end of this post.

Video of an Effective Maths geometry lesson

Free sample quizzes

Y3: Right angles

Y4: Symmetry

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Multiplication and division (unit 2) for Years 3-6 is now online.

As well as updating the lessons, there are now some new supporting quizzes on linked to specific lessons.

Fractions (unit 1) is now online.

You can view some sample lessons below.

Year 2: Understanding fractions

Year 4: Counting in eighths and quarters

Year 6: Equivalent fractions

There are now ten new quizzes supporting this unit on

Some samples are below.

Stage 3: Identifying fractions

Stage 5: Comparing fractions

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