As well as the lessons themselves, there are three linked quizzes on

[1] Recognising coins

[2] Coin value

[3] Adding and subtracting with money

Planning for Y1 - Y6 geometry is now online.

In addition to the lessons themselves, there is a new range of quizzes on to embed key learning. At least one quiz per year group links to the DfE Ready to Progress criteria for geometry; in most cases both of the quizzes link. You can try a quiz at the end of this post.

Video of an Effective Maths geometry lesson

Free sample quizzes

Y3: Right angles

Y4: Symmetry

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Multiplication and division (unit 2) for Years 3-6 is now online.

As well as updating the lessons, there are now some new supporting quizzes on linked to specific lessons.